All I want for Christmas is for someone to fix the red light at the Black Horse Pike and Leipzig Avenue in Mays Landing.

Given my past blogs about traffic signs (don't forget to "yeild" on the Parkway) and red lights (hello, McKee Avenue), I think I have established by highway nerd credentials here -- and given how busy this intersection is, perhaps you share in my frustrations over this !@#$% intersection.

"Yeild" sign on the Garden State Parkway - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media
"Yeild" sign on the Garden State Parkway - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

If you think this blog is about how !@#$% bumpy Leipzig Avenue is at the Pike -- no, it's not.

Or if you are thinking this blog is about how people push the crosswalk button when they're going to or from the shopping center and the timer counts-down from 45 seconds -- which seems like an eternity -- especially when people push the button and then they don't wait for the crosswalk signal before they run across eight lanes of traffic which makes everyone sit there for 45 seconds... no, it's not (for the record, 45 seconds is the proper amount of time -- it just happens to be a relatively long amount of time to wait).

I'm talking about the red light itself. Please allow me to explain.

If you are on Leipzig Avenue waiting at the light and you are in the right lane waiting to turn or go straight into the shopping center towards Acme or Walmart, the traffic signal will never turn green.


If there are a dozen cars waiting there, the light will never change.

Either someone has to be in the other lane for the light to turn green or (and I don't recommend doing what I do) I get out and push the crosswalk button to make the light change (you're welcome).

Meanwhile, if you have ever had the absolute pleasure of leaving Acme or Walmart late at night and you are the only car leaving the shopping center (by McDonald's), guess what -- that red light will never change, either.


And on that side of the Pike, there is no crosswalk button to push. You're stranded there like Gilligan on the island.

About a week before Thanksgiving, I filled-out the handy little form on the NJDOT website explaining this entire situation. As you can probably tell, no one's done anything about it so I've decided to complain about it here now. At least this is a bit therapeutic.

So perhaps in this season of miracles, one could manifest at this crossroads of commerce and frustration. One can hope. I'll be waiting for it... at the red light.

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