It takes a person like Jeremiah Schenerman from Cape May, to show the selflessness that South Jerseyans have.  Apparently there is a financial strain on the students in Lower Cape May Regional District and Lower township area called "Student Lunch Debt": it's what students get when they cannot afford lunch, where they're then given an alternative lunch meal and an IOU.

However, Jeremiah amongst others in the community feel that young students having a "lunch debt"  could act as a daily reminder or stressor for things going on at home that are out of their control. It's also serves a minor sense of embarrassment to the kid's who cannot afford the normal lunch for the day.

In which case, Jeremiah is hoping to raise some money for these kids in the Lower Township area to help alleviate their financial stress by paying off the currently existing student lunch debts; Which as of right now, stands at about $8,750.

A Go-Fund-Me page has been made in the hopes that whatever is collected will help the most students in need. However, if you're nervous about donating online, you can send a check to the Lower Cape May Regional Education Foundation, that will be working hand-in-hand with the cause to establish a program that will help students in the future with lunch debt.

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