It's Kenny Chesney! On the beach in Wildwood, June 20th!

Cat Country 107.3 and American Express present a free concert with CMA award winning superstar Kenny Chesney, Wednesday, June 20th on the beach in Wildwood!

Cat Country is giving away tickets all weekend long.

For the concert:  No glass, coolers, chairs, umbrellas  allowed. Show is rain or shine. You will not be able to witness the show without a ticket.

Here's how to win yours! We have lots of chances to win, on the radio (Cat Country 107.3), on line (, and on the streets!

The kicker is, ALL of the tickets will be given away in a VERY SHORT amount of time. VERY SHORT.

3 Ways to win:

1. Listen to  Cat Country 107.3 to win tickets. We will tell you to call in and win OFTEN.

3. We will be doing BIG EVENT ticket stops at locations all over the area now thru Sunday. You'll find a list of locations below. We will give away 60 pair of tickets within 60 minutes at each of these locations. The first people in line at each location will not necessarily win tickets, but getting in line early may, in fact, improve your chance to win. Check back often, as locations and times are subject to change, and will be updated from time to time. The best way to keep track of the stops is to listen to Cat Country 107.3.

Again, all stops subject to change. Listen to Cat Country 107.3 and keep checking back for more updates.



Some additional ticket stop rules:

1. Please do NOT call these businesses. They do not have the tickets. They can't save you tickets. If you need directions, use Google Maps or MapQuest. Do not call the businesses.

2. You are responsible for finding legal parking near these stops. It's your job to obey all traffic laws.

3. Please be respectful of your fellow Cat Country listeners. We love you all. We reserve the right to not award tickets to anyone for not being nice.

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