It isn't everyday that someone writes a story of their own arrest.

Truthfully, I have not been formally arrested. Yet.

Charges against me are said to include money laundering and terrorist related activities.  Jail time and up to $10 Million in fines await me.

Unless I pay $250 for a certificate to clear myself.

So says the email I received.

Yep. An email. That's how I found out that I'm wanted by the FBI and that there is overwhelming evidence against me.


Ok, yeah, I don't think it's really true. I'm the victim of another attempted email scam - but, this time, instead of "winning" $10 Million, I, apparently, am being hunted down by the FBI - and, officials from the Republic of Ghana. For the record, I can't find Ghana on any map - even one with the names of the countries printed in big, bold letters.

Below is a little bit of the email. For now, I'm holed up in the Cat Country Studios. I could really use a doughnut.

Oh, for the record, I really don't know how to launder money. I can, however, wash white baseball pants in a hotel room sink in the middle of the night.

441 4th Street NW, Suite 1145S
Washington, DC 20001

Attention Sir,

We have received instruction from the US Customs, Home land Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) here in the United States of America to prosecute you over allegations of money laundering and terrorist ($10m usd) related activities to which there is over whelming evidence of your involvement.
Note a copy of this email have been forwarded to the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA POLICE/AUTHORITIES and will be ordered for your immediate arrest.