Not entirely sure how to say "thank you" in cat, but "meow" should suffice, right? One cat in particular owes a huge "thank you" to the folks at the Rio Grande Fire Company in Cape May County. They were put to work this weekend when they got a call about a cat stuck in a tree out their way.

Photos were captured of Lieutenant Ron Panebianco ascending to retrieve the little feline, assisted by additional members of the department. Luckily, the little guy (or girl) made it to the bottom alright.

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The company's Assistant Chief Jim Belles gave Cat Country 107.3 exclusive rights to share the photos with you. Check them out below:

There sure are a lot of cats that need saving lately. Remember that story we shared with you about the little one stuck in a tree for quite a while out in Egg Harbor Township? We were so invested in the cat's safety, as were you, and were so grateful when the Scullville Fire Company headed out there to save the day.

But, it didn't end there.

Joe shared only a few days later that the same cat was, yet again, stuck in ANOTHER tree. So, out they went AGAIN, the Scullville Fire Company, to rescue this clearly avid climber. They rescued the same cat once again and we haven't heard from it since.

With the news of the cat stuck in a tree in Rio Grande, that MUST mean the word's getting around in the cat world that super nice, highly trained professionals will be there for them should they climb just a bit too high.

On a serious note, a huge thanks goes out to the Rio Grande Fire Company for making sure that little kitty made it to the ground safely.

Source: Facebook

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