I will never not be fascinated with D.I.Y. costumes. I love scrolling through articles during and after the San Diego and NYC comic-con of all of the amazing cosplayers.

South Jersey got a taste of this Saturday afternoon.

Level Up Entertainment in the Hamilton Mall hosted their Halloween Comic Fest.

During the event there were free comics, vendors, a superhero costume workshop, a zombie makeup demonstration, and of course a costume contest.

South Jersey strutted their stuff across the stage showing off their best costumes.

There were 4 categories for the costume contest: kids, groups, female adult, and male adult.

I had the pleasure of co-hosting the event and see the costumes up close.

They were amazing!!

Some that stood out to me were: Team Rocket family complete with disguises and a captured Pikachu, Arya from Game of Thrones with white contacts so she looked blind, Zoom from The Flash which was homemade and lit up, and a plague doctor kid.

I myself joined in the fun with my cosplay costume for the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who.

See some of the amazing cosplayers here:

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