If you're the outdoorsy type, you understand the excitement that accompanies the discovery of a new hiking trail or fishing spot.

While this place isn't exactly new, it's new enough to still manage to be an oversight to some Atlantic County outdoor lovers. A new video has popped up on Youtube that shows why the name of this place should be in everyone's mouth when looking for a new place to explore.

Seriously, how beautiful is that view??

The reserve sits on over 200 acres right off of Zion Road in EHT and is a perfect spot to spend an afternoon outside with the family. With the changing of the seasons, the views out there right now are sure to be quite the sight.

A bonus factor attributed to this place is that you can bring your doggies! Enjoy a nice long walk on one of the 6 miles of hiking trails. Who knew there were even that many out there?

Just imagine EHT Nature Reserve covered in snow... wow. If you love the outdoors, it's probably smart to make getting out there a priority at some point in the near future.

Source: Youtube

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