If you're good at your craft there's no limit to your potential.

When you stink at something, there's not a lot of potential.

When you stink at something bad - it's not good.

Police in both Egg Harbor Township and Galloway Township are looking to arrest a man who clearly is not good at stealing cigarettes. (Allegedly.)

Egg Harbor Township Police say they're trying to track down Anthony Mays, 60, of EHT. They say Mays has been identified as a suspect in a robbery of 7 packs of cigarettes from Garden State Fuels this past Monday, February 7th. Police say Mays committed the crime just before 8:30 am and fled the scene in a blue Dodge Charger.

Egg Harbor Township Police
Egg Harbor Township Police

Meanwhile, Galloway Township Police say Mays is a suspect in a similar theft that afternoon from the Country Farms Market.

According to Egg Harbor Township Police, complaints have been signed against Mays, and, "This subject has been involved in similar activities in the past. These incidents seem minor individually but those incidents, which adversely affect the quality of life of our residents, visitors, and businesses, will not be tolerated."

If you know of the whereabouts of Mays, you're urged to contact the police.

*All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

SOURCE: Egg Harbor Township Police Department.

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