Police officers trying to break up a massive party at the Blue Hole on Piney Hollow Road in Winslow Township were taunted by motorcycle and ATV riders before they were able to restore order.

Winslow Towship Police say they were called out to the "infamous Blue Hole" for reports of "an extremely large party." When officers arrived, they say the music could be heard a half-mile away. At the location, they found over 100 people on motorcycles and ATVs "destroying the property."  According to police, "he property was littered with trash, empty bottles and cans. The motorcycles and ATV's were brought to the property on car carrying trailers, U-Haul vans and pickup trucks."

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Police say when they first approached the area, "approximately 50 motorcycles and ATV's drove back and forth past the officers attempting to taunt them and put on a show for fellow riders. Others quickly loaded up their bikes and ATV's and left the property before being stopped."

Officers initially called for assistance from other officers and were assisted by the New Jersey State Park Police and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, who oversee the property. Investigation revealed that none of the riders and property destroyers were from Winslow Township. The riders were from Camden and Philadelphia. There were a total of 14 impounds of motorcycles and ATV's. No one had any registration paperwork for any of the vehicles. One person was charged with marijuana, another was arrested for outstanding warrants and 16 summonses were issued for destroying the property.

Complete details of the incident are available on the Winslow Township's Facebook page:


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