Lots of people walk around the beach in Cape May looking for the legendary Cape May Diamonds.

("Cape May Diamonds" are actually pieces of quartz, worn down by the water and waves to sparkle like diamonds.)

Maybe they should forgo that search and start opening clam shells at local seafood restaurants.

CBS3 reports that a couple eating a special anniversary dinner at the Lobster House restaurant found a real-life pearl in a clam shell!

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Google Maps

The excitement happened when Michael Spressler was eating a dozen clams on the half shell:

So, what are the chances of finding a pearl in your clam? According to HowMonk.com, it's very rare. 1 in 10,000 raw oysters have a pearl - and apparently clams with pearls are even more rare. "Pearls can form naturally inside oysters, or they can be cultured or farmed. Natural pearls from inside oysters, mussels, or clams when a small object (usually a parasite) finds its way inside it."

SOURCES: CBS3 and HowMonk.com.

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