Let me start by saying I love watching the news on TV 40. I think Michelle Dawn Mooney , Dan Skeldon, Pete Thompson and the rest of the crew do a fantastic job.

My beef is with something that happens on the screen every night. Specifically, the winning lottery numbers graphic.

Instead of showing the winning pick 3 combination as 3 digits, they show six! For the pick 4, they provide an 8 digit number. They have been doing this for years, and I just don't get it!

The pick 3 is just that: 3 numbers. For example, last night's winning combination was 433. If I had the winning numbers on my ticket, that's exactly how it would look: "433." Yet, for some reason, TV 40 shows the numbers as "04 03 03." THERE ARE NO ZEROES IN THE WINNING NUMBER, BUT, THEY PUT 3 IN.

TV40 Lottery

They make the same mistake with the Pick 4. Instead of "9147", they show "09 01 04 07." Congratulations, TV 40, you've made the Pick 4 an 8 digit number!

Maybe somebody can explain to me why they do this. Michelle, Dan, Pete? Anyone?

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