There's some very exciting news about Deptford Mall. A new restaurant and brewhouse is reportedly interested in joining the landscape, expanding dining options for shoppers and residents.

A popular national chain, BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, is rumored to be drawing up plans to present to Deptford's Zoning Board.

The interest is in building on a part of Deptford Mall's parking lot at near Macy's on the upper level (Almonesson Rd. and Clements Bridge Rd.), according to

Google Maps
Google Maps

BJ’s Brewhouse, native to California, has expanded to more than 200 locations across the country in recent years, including to Toms River.

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BJ's brews its own line of beers and serves a ton of different kinds of food from pizza, to burgers, to salads, to pasta. Looking at their menu online, BJ's seems to have something for everyone, so if they manage to make a restaurant happen in Deptford, it would be VERY appetizing.

BJ's would need a liquor license, but 42 Freeway smartly points out there may be one available since the closing down of Ruby Tuesday, so that could be an easier hurdle to clear.

Hopefully, Deptford's Zoning Board is as excited as we are at the prospect of BJ's Brewhouse coming to the area as we are. We'll keep you posted!

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