Do you need a last minute Halloween costume?

Have an old t-shirt and some scissors? You can make your very own skeleton cut out t-shirt.

Find the center of the shirt and fold the front panel of the outwards.

Lay the shirt down on a flat surface. Take some chalk or something to draw on the shirt with and draw a straight line along the fold. Round out the ends to the fold.

For the ribs draw a line out from the first line about two inches away. The line should have a slight curve. Draw a line parallel to that line with the same curve about an inch above. Connect the lines with a curved end. I drew a straight line at the ends with curved corners.

As you work your way up the shirt with the ribs make them shorter.

Cut along the first line your drew to cut out the spine. Make sure you cut both sides of the fold at the same time.

To cut out the ribs, pinch the fabric inside your chalk line and make a small cut. Use that to cut inside of the chalk line.

Wear another shirt or tank top of a different color under your new shirt.

See how I made mine here:

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