I grew up hearing about Mischief Night, but never participated in any "mischief" activities. Okay, I should add a disclaimer before I continue. I grew up in Toms River, a town where Mischief Night does not exist. In Toms River, Trick-or-Treating is done on the day before Halloween so that the parade can be on Halloween. This doesn't really make for a good night for Mischief Night, it would be hard to toilet paper a house with families walking round. Now that we got that out of the way.

I had friends growing up that didn't live in Toms River. I never knew anyone who participated in or ever talked about Mischief Night. Does anyone actually "do" Mischief Night?

Mischief Night is most definitely a Jersey thing. If you Google Mischief Night, every article points to its popularity in the state. TIME did an article on the night before Halloween stating, "'Mischief Night' has a strong presence in the New Jersey area and the coastal Northeast."

I did a quick Instagram search, looking up #MischiefNight. I scrolled down pretty far in the feed and could not find anything that resembled Mischief Night.

Is Mischief Night a thing anymore or is it something we just talk about?

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