When something stands the test of time, it often becomes a legend.

The Hubcap Pyramid (or do you call it The Hubcap Tree?) has certainly stood the test of time.

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For, literally, generations, the Hubcap Pyramid has stood on the south side of the Black Horse Pike (Route 322) in Hamilton Township - near the intersection of the Pike and Weymouth-Malaga Road.. As cars pass by, kids from the back seat plead for Dad to honk the horn!

The Hubcap Pyramid, featured hundreds of hubcaps hung from a pyramid, beckoning drivers to pull over and shop from that missing hubcaps from their car. (Do many cars even have hubcaps anymore?)

According to The Lost in Jersey Blog, the pyramid stands over 100 feet high.  It's been there since at least 1990, and is/was owned by J C Lester, who runs a hubcap business. The blog says there is/was literally thousands of hubcaps "in the storage yard behind the main building."

I actually am a former customer of the Hubcap Pyramid Guy - I bought one in probably about 2002 for a Chevrolet Malibu I was driving at the time. The hubcap I bought was not from the pyramid, but I remember the proprietor bringing me by hubcap from a back room, packaged in a see-through plastic bag. I don't recall what I paid for it, but it was somewhere in the $50 range - cheaper than it would have been for me to order a new hubcap from a dealership.

So, do you lay on the horn as you drive by?

SOURCE: The Lost in Jersey Blog

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