A glimmer of hope was restored to South Jersey this week after Governor Murphy announced the beaches should be open in time for memorial day.

Maybe not for everyone, but for those who plan to spend most of their time laying on the sand during the summer, this was great news. It's understandable that those who can't stand shoobies would be less than thrilled with this update.

With that announcement no doubt came some of the recollection of some of the best summer memories like riding the boardwalk rides, beach concerts, and, of course, the fireworks at the beach.

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Well, think about that one for a bit longer and you'll come to the same conclusion I did. If the rides remain closed (a good thing, IMO) and the beach concerts are cancelled, why did I even think for one second that there would be fireworks for Memorial Day Weekend? Honestly, why did I even get excited about it?

Fireworks are a public event at which everyone gathers, so for me to even have had the slightest hope that they would happen this year was foolish. Thinking about not seeing fireworks for Memorial Day and the 4th of July is just another reminder to me that the "new normal" is definitely going to be an adjustment period for all.

Yet another summer memory robbed by the coronavirus. Until next year, fireworks.

Sources: NJ.com, Youtube




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