Remember the saying from when you were a kid: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"?

Perhaps you should remember that when you excitingly hit the Like and Share buttons on Facebook so you can take advantage of an unbelievable offer.

SPOILER ALERT: The Facebook $150 Coupon post from Kohl's is fake! (A copy of the post is below.)

Well, of course it is!

Come on, were you really believing that one of the nations biggest retailers was going to just start giving away $150 worth of products? Think about it... $150 to EVERYONE who likes and shares the post. Think conservatively.... if the coupon is "redeemed" by one million people.. that means Kohl's GIVES AWAY $150 Million in merchandise in one day. Come on, really?

The other problem that happens when people blindly think they're getting a deal of a lifetime is that often they give out personal information without thinking. Need my name, address, and other info? Sure! You're giving me $150! Then, people wonder why they get "hacked."

The easiest thing to do when you see an offer too good to be true is to go to the website, You can type in some basic info and find out if it's True or Fake.

While the "new" Kohl's offer hasn't been posted yet, here's an old offer that's so similar, that you have to know the current one is fake.

One more thing: Ellen DeGeneres is NOT GIVING AWAY ALL HER MONEY ON FACEBOOK! Please, stop being so gullible...


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