Still looking for work, but not trying to work in the restaurant industry or retail?

That's what a lot of South Jersey residents are currently facing. There are a bunch of jobs available now in the region, but not necessarily doing something everyone wants to do. If you've ever thought about becoming a first responder, the Egg Harbor Township Police Department might just have your back on that one.

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According to their most recent Facebook post, the Egg Harbor Township Police Department are on the hunt for some reliable people they can place into dispatcher positions. The job title itself is referred to as 'Part-time Communications Officer I'. Yes, the position is part-time. However, it doesn't sound like a bad gig considering they'd start you off at $15 an hour. You should probably keep in mind that it's a government job, also. Hello, job security. The good news is that the job description does mention that there's a good chance your part-time position could turn into one that's full-time in the future. How long will that take? Who knows? It sounds like once you prove yourself, they'd hire you full-time at that point.

By the looks of the job posting, the EHT PD isn't exactly in a rush to gather as many applications as they can in a short amount of time. The deadline to apply isn't until the end of December this year, so if you need time to think about it, you've got plenty.

Everything you'd need to do to make yourself eligible is listed on the actual job posting HERE or on the police department's Facebook post. Good luck!

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