Sending out a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the Egg Harbor Township Police Department on their latest accomplishment!

EHT Police Department has received advanced accreditation from CALEA®. CALEA stands for Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. If you're asking why this matters, it matters because this is certification means something very important for the community.

When a police department receives CALEA® accreditation, it means that they've voluntarily gone through a process through which determines whether or not they comply with with certain procedures, standards, and policies that assure fair and honest services and best practices in terms of service to the community and keeping the town safe.

This means that Egg Harbor Township police take every single measure to make sure they're enforcing the law justly and fairly. The accreditation process is not to be taken lightly. It's important to understand that to achieve this status is not an easy task. That's why not every town's law enforcement receives this award. Some have so many different issues to overcome that it would probably be impossible to achieve accreditation status without a complete overhaul of the department and its practices and processes. As a matter of fact, the CALEA® website says that only six states have more than one certified A-size agencies.

Check out all the details below:

Congratulations to all of our men and women in blue at the Egg Harbor Township Police Department! Thank you for keeping the community safe!

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