If you're on social media, you may have seen all the posts lately with red flags.

It started out innocently, warning people what to look out for on the dating scene, but it's really blow up to be almost anything.

We've made it our task to bring you Red Flags for South Jersey!

If you're from South Jersey, here are some things to listen for! If you hear anyone saying anything close to these things, RUN! In the other direction!

Red Flags For South Jersey

If you're from South Jersey, you''ll send up a red flag when you hear people says these things!

21 of the Best Places to Get a Hoagie (or Sub) in South Jersey (Besides Wawa)

From one side of South Jersey to the other, these are some of the best places to grab a hoagie... enjoy!

You're From South Jersey If You Know These 22 Facts To Be True

You know you're from South Jersey when they're hoagies, not subs, it's pork roll, not 'Taylor Ham', and you drive east to get to the beach instead of south.

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