I have fallen in love with my Facebook Groups, especially the "Original Egg Harbor Township Area Happenings 08234" group.

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People are fun and sarcastic and I'm in love!

The other day, a member (a man if I'm correctly guessing the person's gender) posted this question: "Best place to get a lap dance around here?"

The answers are PRICELESS!

Since it's a private group, I can't list all the answers, or mention who said them, but here are some of the comments:

"My basement"

"EHT Dog Park (Oh, I thought it said LAB dance)

*"Probably EHT Walmart"

(Joe Kelly) - I'm dying!

"Give me $50 and I'll rock your world."

"That's not social distancing!"

(Joe Kelly) - Thanks, Karen!

"Spending that stimulus money wisely."

"God, I love Egg Harbor Township!"

(Joe Kelly) - Me too!

"Dollar General."

(Joe Kelly) - The official EHT Facebook answer to everything!

"Your mom's house!"

"Is this even allowed on this site?"

*That's disgusting. Those poor girls and that's such a depressing and messed up industry! Women are more than just objects to look at and get pleasure from! They're somebody's daughter and....."  then he mentions that his wife is no longer looking over her shoulder....."You wanna go to bare exposure in Atlantic city at about 9pm. That's when all the girls are warmed up and ready to go. Its byob and there's a liquor store right next door. There's an atm inside and you can pay the girls with cash or card but of course cash is king.  Lap dances are about $40  and the backroom lapdance is about $400 but with that stimulus money you should be alright. Personally ive had the best experience with 'jessy' but to each there own."

(Joe Kelly) - See, people are always ready to help, no matter the question!

Thanks, Egg Harbor Township, my hometown. Keep it up!

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