If you don't want anyone to notice you there are some things you might try doing.

For example, don't wear easy-to-spot clothing - like a t-shirt for the most popular sports team in the area.

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Also, don't flash your cash - a lot of people don't even use cash anymore! (OK, maybe that's not so much true.)

Also, avoid security cameras in businesses - even if those security cameras crank out grainy photos.

Anyway, our subject did not exactly blend in, as he was captured on a surveillance camera in a local business.

Egg Harbor Township Police say they would like to speak with the man in the photo "in reference to an ongoing investigation." Police aren't hinting why they want to talk to him, they're keeping that card close to their vest.

If you can help the police with identification, you're urged to call the Egg Harbor Township Detective Bureau at (609) 926-4051. You can also send an email to cid@ehtpd.com.

SOURCE: Egg Harbor Township Police Department.

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