It's the season for Spirit Halloween stores and apparently a lot of people are noticing!

One of the most popular memes these days is a Spirit Halloween costume meme - a meme that allows you to "build your own costume."

A few basic photoshop skills and you can create your own costume package photo, much like you may have seen online.

From there, lots of people have been making their own costume package photos:

That's just an example of the many postings that people have been making the last few days. (Hey! Some are pretty good.) Now, if you didn't know it, Spirit Halloween is headquartered right in Egg Harbor Township. It's the same company that's behind Spencer Gits.   So, how does the company feel about its products sparking this meme craze? Well, at first, it seems like the company was taken aback a little:
Not sure what Spirit's review team can possibly do. One of the problems is that the memes are so good, they've fooled a lot of people into thinking the costumes are real. As this meme excitement has continued to pop, it now looks like the Spirit Halloween folks have jumped on the bandwagon:  is this too meta?

Nice move, Spirit! Bravo! We love it!

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So, what did you make? Get photoshopping and tag us on your creation!

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