Just when you thought nothing would ever change again, along comes something totally different.

The sandwich without bread is coming to Atlantic County!

Elsie's - Home of the Original Pickle Sandwich has announced that, in the next 90 days, they will be opening a 2nd location. This one, according to their social media, will be somewhere on Tilton Road in Northfield. (Hey! WE are somewhere on Tilton Road, too!)

Northfield will be Elsie's second location.

With their original location in Haddon Township, New Jersey, Elsie's has quickly become famous for selling their pickle sandwiches. No, the pickles aren't in the sandwich - the pickles are around the sandwich. Instead of bread, Elsie's uses pickles!

Say what?

Yes! It's true!

Elsie’s is a sandwich shop with no bread in the house. Every sandwich is constructed using our signature pickle, pickle roll up or cucumber roll up. You can order our custom sandwich selections from the menu or build your own! Our team also offers small batch custom pickle flavor profiles by the quart, a housemade brine spiked bloody, signature brine by the bottle and housemade signature brine based cocktail mixers. We are a sanctuary for those with dietary restrictions, gluten intolerance for those that follow the Keto regimen and for those that simply LOVE our signature pickles. Please visit our website to find out more about who we are and what we do at ~ Peacelovepickles.com

Here's some more about Elsie's:

You can find out more about Elsie's - including checking out their menu - right here.

Welcome to Atlantic County, Elsie's! We can't wait to place our first order!

SOURCE: Elsie's Facebook and Website

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