If you blink, you may pass it.

As a matter of fact, you may have passed it often and never really noticed it. (Like I have!)

Well, somebody noticed.

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Esquire, a name that's been around in publishing since the 1930s has been targeting men with their stories of fashion, style, lifestyle and more.

They've recently published their 40th annual list of the "Best New Restaurants in America." It's their ranking of the top 40 new dining spots in the country.

Making the list - at number 38 is a small place on Route 40. It's Sweet Amelia's in Newfield, New Jersey.

Never heard of it, right?

What if I told you it's right next to the Purple Penguin - one of my favorite ice cream stops?

Passed it hundreds of times, right?

Apparently, we need to get to know Sweet Amalia Market & Kitchen.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to Esquire, two things make Sweet Amalia's great - the oysters and the hoagies!

"Take your pick of sandwiches. Get a dozen of the namesake Sweet Amalia’s which come from north Cape May, grab a beer from the fridge, and find a seat at one of the shaded picnic tables outside. Slurp those oysters slowly. Appreciate how they are pristine, yet wild and buttery and, yes, sweet and maybe like nothing you’ve had before. By the time you’re done, that hoagie you ordered will have arrived. (Did you choose the fried clam roll dressed with bacon or the garlic roast pork shoulder and broccoli rabe numbers?) "

Check out this photo, courtesy of Sweet Amalia Market & Kitchen Facebook page:

Sweet Amalia Market & Kitchen is built around it's oysters, but there's a market, a restaurant, they do catering, special events, and so much more.

On their menu, you'll find selections that include oysters and clams, grilled cheese, roast garlic pork shoulder, sandwiches, salads, and more.

A little word of caution - in the fall they are not open late - 7pm is the latest. You can check them out on social media or their website for more information.

Or, next time, just stop!

SOURCE: Esquire and Sweet Amalia Market & Kitchen

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