Time to go catch some flounder!

South Jersey fisherman are overjoyed at today's date. It's May 24th, which means Fluke season is officially upon us! If you're not familiar with fisherman jargon, the word is "fluke" is just another way to refer to summer flounder. These fish are commonly found along the Atlantic Coast in the U.S. and Canada.

The return of fluke season is exciting because it's some of the best catch to eat! It's a white fish that's light and flaky when cooked properly and it's absolutely delicious! Most importantly, flounder is perfect for those of you out there who aren't a huge fan of that "fishy flavor". Flounder in particular is great because it can be seasoned to whatever taste you prefer; whether it's spicy or just a pop of lemon zest, your flounder is sure to taste amazing!

If you're thinking about heading out to try your luck (after you've received your NJ fishing license of course), make sure you're familiar with NJ's regulations:


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    Season Dates

    NJ Fluke Fishing season opens on May 24th and closes on September 21st.

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    In NJ Coastal waters, the size is restricted to an 18-inch minimum. If your fish is under 18-inches, throw it back.

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    Only 3 per day people! You can only leave with three flukes per day.

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