Everybody loves the holiday season here in the Garden State, but sometimes things can get a bit scary around the house.

You remember what your mom was like when preparing for guests around Christmastime, right? After you watch this video, just don't blame us for the flashbacks. You can't tell me this wasn't your mom all holiday season long, especially if you're house is the one hosting Christmas dinner.

Chris Fleming via Facebook

No lies detected, am I right? She was running around like a chicken with her head cut-off imposing absolutely impossible expectations that everyone was expected to live up to leading up to Christmas. It's hilarious to look back on it now, but, depending on how old your mom is, this still may be your reality when you head home for the holidays.

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Now, when she tells you that you have to make the blankets on the couch look like they just came from home goods, you'll remember this video and just start cracking up. She'll probably get angry if you do that though, so try to keep a straight face. You won't be able to, so just show her this video and hopefully she'll burst out laughing too.

Chris Fleming via Facebook
Chris Fleming via Facebook

That's all NJ moms though, right? They all mean well, but always tends to go a little nuts preparing for the holidays. Cut her a break, though. It's a lot of work. She's just trying to give everyone a magical holiday experience.

With that said, here are the 5 crazy rules South Jersey moms impose while preparing for the holidays...

Crazy Rules South Jersey Moms Enforce While Prepping For The Holidays

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