To most, Somers Point is the quintessential coastal town nestled along the Jersey coastline. It sits right outside of Ocean City. It's close to Margate and Ventnor, as well, so it's the perfect place to make you feel like you're at the beach without actually physically staying in a beach town.

The people that live there are, in a word, diverse. You'll find people from all walks of life that call themselves Somers Point residents. Depending on who you'll ask, you'll get very different opinions about what it's like to live there.

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Most would likely say it's a wonderful place to call home all year round. Others have something else to say. No town is perfect, right?

Google Street View
Google Street View

Funny video calls out hilarious quirks about Somers Point

A video about Somers Point has gone viral on Instagram that talks about what it's like living day to day in the town. One thing the guy in the video points out that has everybody cracking up is the police presence.

He talks about how you can't go anywhere in Somers Point without the fear of being pulled over at any given moment. I cracked up when I heard him say that because I've heard residents say something similar before.

The question was recently asked on Facebook which South Jersey town did you receive your first ticket. A TON of people responded with "Somers Point" as the answer. After seeing that and then stumbling upon this video, I couldn't help but laugh.

He also points out how awesome the athletes are that come out of Mainland High School. He also makes a point to say that they usually move away and never come back.

Of course, Charlie's Bar was shouted out as having the best wings in the area. He's not wrong there! 🍗🍗

Was he cracking jokes about Somers Point? Sure. It was all in good fun, though.


Somers Point has changed A LOT over the years. Do you remember when it looked like this?

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