Not that this is the news you want to hear as your rushing around on a Monday morning, but it's an important piece to be aware of:

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An important traffic note has been shared this morning by the City of Wildwood Police Department to their Facebook page.

If your travels take you over the George Redding Bridge this morning, take note that you should find an alternate route to get you to your final destination. The post reveals that there's been an accident on the bridge, so people are being diverted from it in an effort to clear it out. It's currently closed.

The status was shared to the Facebook page shortly after 7:30 am Monday morning, but doesn't give much detail or backstory into the accident itself. There are no mentions regarding what kind of vehicles were involved, nor if there were any injuries or deaths as a result of the crash. All it advises is for commuters to find a different way onto or off of the island.

It was pretty cold this morning, so who knows if the accident was caused by some ice that could have formed overnight. So far, though, there's really not much to go on. No doubt, more info about the accident will be released as the day progresses.

To see the alert for yourself, you can click HERE.

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