Only a week after a young teenager was struck by bullets has another round of gunfire gone off in Bridgeton.

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Enter your number to get our free mobile app reports that another home endured an act of gun violence during the early hours of Saturday morning, December 12th. No motive has yet to be discovered for why this home in particular was targeted. It also is currently unclear as to whether or not this particular shooting is connected to any of the other homes and apartments that fell victim to shots in the past few months.

Authorities have reported that there were people inside the home at the time the shots rang out, however luckily nobody was injured. That's great news considering police discovered multiple bullet holes in various points of the home. The outcome definitely could have gone the other way if those within the house at the time had been in a different location within the home itself.

Police are still investigating not only this particular incident, but several like it that have taken place over the last few months. They only known items retrieved at the scene by authorities were a few of the bullet casings. If anyone believes they may have pieces of information essential to this investigation, they are encouraged to make contact with the Bridgeton Police.

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