One Atlantic County police department may have just one upped another Atlantic County police department.

With Mullica Township being the focus of much news coverage from throughout the region, the men and women of the Hamilton Township Police Department have tried to attract some attention of their own - with a big snake!

Problem is - the snake in the photo above was caught in Florida, not in the Mays Landing area. However, in the picture below, Detective Greg VanGlider is shown with a 3 foot long rat snake that he did help remove from a local resident's laundry room.

Little Snake

It seems VanGlider - affectionately identified on Facebook as "The Snake Charmer", does have some experience dealers with dangerous reptiles. His photo with the big snake, a Burmese Python, was taken awhile back. He has a permit to remove invasive reptiles from the Florida Everglades.

On Facebook, the Hamilton Township PD offers out VanGlider's services to the Mullica Township PD to catch the gator.

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