There you are walking down the street with your big duffel bag full of cash when you notice your shoe is untied. You stop, set the bag down, tie your shoe, and then continue on your merry way.

45 minutes later, you realize you never picked up your bog ol' bag of cash. Whoops!

How many times has this happened to you?

Hopefully, never.

Millville Police are in the money

Police in Millville say if the above scenario happened to you - they have your big bag of money!

Or --- maybe not.

Police in Millville are saying they found some cash, but it was not in a duffel bag, a paper sack, or inside a big cardboard refrigerator-size box.

Police say the money was inside an envelope.

No explanation on the amount of cash, or what type of envelope it was in. They did say the envelope was found near the Millville Airport.

That's probably a good idea - that way they can have possible claimants describe the envelope and tell them how much money was involved.

Millville Police say if it sounds like your money, stop by their station, or give them a call at 856-825-7010.

Police aren't saying who found the money - be it one of their officers or some Good Samaritan.

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SOURCE: Millville Police Department

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