Once again, proof has emerged showing just how invested South Jersey is in our communities.

Today, we're sending kudos to Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City for the generosity they've shown to South Jersey healthcare workers this week. Anyone that's worked in healthcare this year deserves a raise, let's just say that. For one, this very well may be the hardest year they've had to work in their entire careers. Secondly, the mental anguish they must go through day-in and day-out when dealing with people who don't take the coronavirus seriously is a sin and a half.

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It's important to rally around our frontline workers even now when it FINALLY looks like there could be a dim light at the end of a very long tunnel that is the abyss created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hard Rock Atlantic City is clearly aware of that since it's been discovered they recently took the time to pay it forward to the folks over at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

According to a press release, the culinary masterminds over at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino recently whipped up some deliciousness for the healthcare workers at AtlantiCare to enjoy this week. They sent over 125 meals for both the day shifters as well as those on the night shift at the mainland campus. The long hours combined with being short staffed never leave much time for a food break, but at the very least, if the frontliners did happen to get a second to shove some food in their mouths, at least they knew it would be something delicious.

The above information was generously sent via a press release from Hard Rock Atlantic City and the Bitner Group.


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