Call me weird, but I enjoy grocery shopping.  I do.  Grocery shopping has become a sport of sorts for me.  I like hunting for specials.


Maybe you've even seen me in ShopRite.  I'm the guy looking at the shelf, arms extended straight up, and I scream, "Yes!"

When I find deals, I pounce and usually buy more than I planned.  I tell myself; I know its 10 pounds of pasta, but you can never have enough.

Fast forward a few months, and there I am throwing away expired food.  All my savings, literally, thrown away.  But maybe that doesn't have to be.

I found an interesting web site, Bianca Amor, and they have an extensive list of every day grocery items, and how long they last before going bad.  You might be surprised to find out you're throwing stuff away too soon.

When it comes to baby food, they suggest you pay attention to the expiration date on the item.

How about fish?  I love those specials on Bumble Bee Tuna, but sometimes I might pick up cans of salmon, or mackerel (don't judge me) too.  Did you know that as long as their in their sealed can, they can last 3 years?

Have you been to the Can-Can sale?  I load up my cart with soup for the winter.  As long as the soup isn't tomato based, they can last 2-3 years.  Speaking of tomatoes, tomato soup and canned tomatoes are good for 1-2 years.

Getty Images
Getty Images

You know those packets of Ketchup you keep in your desk drawer at work?  18 months.  The mayo?  3-6 months.

Finally, that pasta I was writing about?  With or without egg, it's good for 2-3 years.

Check out the complete list here.  Also, rather than throw food away, consider donating to the local food bank.

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