South Jersey loves Wawa!

Or is it the other way around? Does Wawa love South Jersey?

It seems like in Atlantic County Wawas are everywhere, but are they?

How many Wawa convenience stores are in your town? Any idea?

We did some checking of the number of Wawa stores in Atlantic County and found that there are currently 25 locations of Wawa open throughout the county!

Egg Harbor Township has the biggest population in Atlantic County. According to Wikipedia, the population of EHT is 43,323 people. Egg Harbor Township has 4 Wawas:

*5100 English Creek

*6678 Black Horse Pike

*6743 Black Horse Pike

*2422-28 Tilton Road

Google Maps
Google Maps

Atlantic City has the second highest population in the county: 39,558. Wawa has no locations in Atlantic City.

Galloway Township is third in population with 37,349 people. There are 3 Wawas in Galloway:

*241 E. White Horse Pike

*275 W. White Horse Pike

*336 S. Pitney Road

Hamilton Township is next with a population of 26,503. There are 3 Wawas in Hamilton Township/Mays Landing.

*300 N Route 50

*5201 W Harding Highway

*4262 Black Horse Pike

Pleasantville comes next in population: 20,249 people. There is 1 Wawa in Pleasantville:

*513 West Delilah Road

Photo by A n v e s h on Unsplash
Photo by A n v e s h on Unsplash

Hammonton has a population of 14,791.You'll find 2 Wawas in Hammonton:

*100 12th Street and Washington Avenue

*8302 North White Horse Pike

Somers Point has a population of 10,795. There are 3 Wawas in Somers Point:

*16 Macarthur Boulevard

*502 Shore Road

*112 New Road

Ventnor has 10,650 residents and 1 Wawa:

*5206 Ventnor Avenue

Next up, population-wise is Brigantine with 9,450 people. There are 2 Wawas here:

*813 West Brigantine Boulevard

*3932 Brigantine Boulevard

Northfield has a population of 8,624 people. It has one Wawa:

*2403 New Road

Absecon is next: 8,411 people and 2 Wawas:

*8 South New York Road

*611 New Jersey Avenue

Buena has a population of 7,570. There is one Wawa in Buena:

*731 S. Harding Highway

Linwood has a population of 7,092, but no Wawas.

Margate's population is 6,354 with 1 Wawa:

*9300 Ventnor Avenue.

Egg Harbor City has a population of 4,243 and has one Wawa:

*600 West White Horse Pike.

There are currently 992 Wawa locations in the USA with many more planned. According to ScrapeHero there are 280 locations in New Jersey - the highest number in any state. Florida just passe Pennsylvania with 249 stores. Pennsylvania has 248. Philadelphia is the city with the most stores - 38. Orlando is next with 33.

SOURCES: and Wikipedia.

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