I recently saw a post on Twitter that made me giggle a bit and made me want to try it out for myself. I bet I can control your mind without even trying. Now you may disagree that I am really controlling your mind, but that's because I'm doing it and you don't even realize.

How can I control your mind? It's simple. I'm going to start doing it and before you know it I am in your head. I'm going to ask you a series of questions and let's see what happens. Shall we begin?

Is it data or data?

How about envelope or envelope?

Do you say apricot or apricot?

Is it a GIF or a GIF?

Do you eat caramel or caramel?

Do you color with a crayon or a crayon?

Am I in your head yet? Let's keep going.

Do you have a pecan pie or a pecan pie on Thanksgiving?

Do you put syrup or syrup on your pancakes?

After you say your prayers do you say amen or amen?

Are the tomatoes or tomatoes?

While all of these words were written the same way it was implied they were pronounced differently. In your head you probably read each word differently even if normally you wouldn't.

This fun little game was inspired by two Tweets.

So did I really control your mind? Maybe not. Will I keep telling myself I did? Absolutely.

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