Yes, I'm that guy.The guy who judges you for your spelling mistakes.

This one, though, is UNBELIEVABLE!

At a City Hall news conference and rally in Atlantic City yesterday, Atlantic County leaders got together to rally against the hatred which sprung up in Virginia last week.

The problem here - at least according to me - is that no one bothered to proofread some of the signs.

In the photo above, two women are holding hand-made signs. (I'm told the women are both candidates for Freeholder, but I can't confirm.)

There are big errors in both signs!


The sign on the left clearly spells "Atlantic" wrong.  COME ON!

The sign on the right appears to read, "Hate Does Belong Here." SAY WHAT?

(Now, it's been pointed out that in the sign on the right, there is a very faint line that goes through the word "Hate." Even so, it's not very clear, is it?)

None of my comments are meant to disparage the event or the reason behind the event - just the spelling on the signs!

Come on people! If we fail to correctly spell our own county/city/ocean name, then we're done.....

Lynda Cohen. She's a great reporter.

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