Whatever you're doing, wherever you're going, if it's in Egg Harbor Township, you're going to come across a traffic delay this week.

A published list of traffic advisories in EHT for this week almost reads like a "Who's Who of Egg Harbor Township Main Roads."

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There is the long-term detour of a section of Mill Road, which is attributed to road and bridge work being done, in order for the Garden State Parkway to expand to three lanes through the Township.  Mill Road, between Fire Road and Spruce Avenue is under a constant detour. While the westbound lane is "usually open", the eastbound lane is closed and detoured away from the area.

This week, that "usually open" eastbound land of Mill Road will also be closed Wednesday and Thursday of this week, from 9am - 4pm each day. Detours will be posted.

Other detours in the township will take place on these roads:

-English Creek Ave, near Dogwood Ave
-Zion Road, near GS Parkway, alternating traffic
-Ocean Heights Ave, near GS Parkway, alternating traffic
-Steelmanville Rd, near GS Parkway, alternating traffic
-S.Mt Airy Ave, near Zion Rd will have alternating traffic on Monday


In addition, tree work will require temporary interruption of traffic on parts of Mill Road and Tremont Avenue.

You're reminded to watch your speed and be aware of road and construction workers.

So, good luck, be careful, and wherever you are headed, LEAVE EARLY!

SOURCE: Egg Harbor Township Police Department

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