Have you ever stopped to count the number of mattress stores on the Black Horse Pike? We did!

Can you guess how many there are?

It's kind of a running joke lately that any new construction in the area is bound to include a new mattress store. They seem to be popping up everywhere!

We took a two mile stretch of the Black Horse Pike in parts of Egg Harbor Township and Hamilton Townshi, and tried to figure out just how many mattress stores there are!

Any idea?

We should point out that there are some store that ONLY sell mattresses (or mostly mattresses), and there are those stores that sell other good, and happen to sell mattresses. (Did you know that Lowe's and Home Depot sold mattresses? According to their websites, they do!)

Our two mile stretch of the Black Horse Pike runs from just east of English Creek to just east of the Hamilton Mall.

We should note, a new shopping center, Gravelly Run, is currently being built on the Black Horse Pike, just east of the Hamilton Mall, and one of the expected new stores is a furniture store.

Click on the photo to see all the places you can buy a mattress on this two mile stretch of the Black Horse Pike.

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