Double take!

One of our favorite local bands is Not Leaving Sober.

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They're a bunch of fun guys who make some create country music, and have fun on stage.

They even played at the Barefoot Country Music Fest in Wildwood this past summer.

They have a Christmas song called, "Leave Santa a Beer."

I was watching the video for the song when I said, "Hey! Is that Baker Mayfield?"

Not Leaving Sober
Not Leaving Sober

Mayfield is an NFL quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. He's also the guy you might have seen "living in the stadium" in commercials for Progressive Insurance:

Now, compare him to the Not Leaving Sober band member who wears the Santa hat in the second half of the band's video.(Not the "main Santa"):

Pretty close, right?

By the way you can find out more about "Not Leaving Sober" right here. You can find our more about Baker Mayfield by watching the Cleveland Browns play the Green Bay Packers on Christmas Day.

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