Jason Aldean is not naive as to the controversy that swirled about the beginning of his relationship with second wife Brittany Kerr. As most fans know, the pair met while Aldean was still married to his first wife, and reports of the two making out in a Los Angeles bar in 2012 rocked the country world.

That was back quite a while, and the couple is now happily married with two children between them, which is somewhat against the odds for many affairs that start in such scandalous fashion. “I think we both probably hated the way it started,” Aldean told the Velvet's Edge podcast with Kelly Henderson. "But, at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change the outcome of it at all.”

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Wife Brittany agrees: "Obviously, both of us feel this way—we would have done things completely differently," she says. "However, we’re very happy that the outcome is what it is and now we have these two beautiful babies.

"We are sincerely best friends and it’s one of those things where I wish everybody could experience a love like this because we love each other so much,” Brittany added. “It makes me sad for people who are maybe in a situation where they don’t feel that way or maybe they haven’t met that person yet. I just want this love for everybody.”

In January, Aldean will kick off his We Back Tour with Morgan Wallen, Riley Green and Dee Jay Silver acting as support. The tour dates have multiple days off, giving Aldean time with his family.

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