Whether you think Brittany Kerr, now Brittany Aldean (Williams), is fabulous or you hate her because you think she's a homewrecker, you can't deny her sheer beauty.

Seriously, the woman is drop dead gorgeous and looks like she could be Carrie Underwood's long-lost twin sister. Brittany first gained attention for her beauty after she auditioned for the 11th season of American Idol. Some years later it was revealed that she had engaged in some inappropriate behavior with Jason Aldean while they were both out at a bar in Los Angeles. Why was it inappropriate? He was still married to his first wife and mother of his first two daughters, Jessica Ussery.

Fast forward to about 3.5 years after that, Jason and Brittany had been in a relationship for awhile and got hitched in March of 2015.

Brittany has expressed to multiple outlets her desire to be known independently from her husband. She doesn't only want to be known as "Mrs. Aldean" for the rest of her life. In an effort to make those dreams a reality, Brittany tried her hand the the whole Youtube vlogging thing under the name 'Brittany Layne'. What was her theme? Beauty and makeup, of course.

Why do we say "was"? She only posted 9 videos total before ditching her dreams of Youtube success. Check out her first one below:

So, what does Brittany Aldean do to pass her time these days? She's a mommy! The Aldeans have two kids under two, so needless to say the woman is BUSY! Their first child together, their son Memphis, was born in December of 2017 and Brittany just gave birth to daughter Navy Rome this past February.

Maybe she should reignite her channel under a parenting platform? No doubt, she's got something in the works.

Source: Youtube

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