We started out the week broadcasting live from the Wildwood Boardwalk Thursday morning before the festival even began. Jahna are I were so overwhelmed at the amount of our listeners who showed up at our broadcast site.

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Thursday night came quickly, as the gates opened at 6 for the opening night of the festival. The great music ended with Lee Brice on stage, followed by a tremendous fireworks show. It was so incredible to see the crowd growl on the beach to close to 30,000 people!

Day 2 began with another broadcast out on the wonderful Wildwood Boardwalk! This time, though, our show was interrupted by Mother Nature and some showers and thunderstorms. We managed to stay on the air, ducking under some boardwalk awnings. Despite the weather, a bunch of listeners cam with umbrellas and rain gear to say "Hi"!

Day 2's morning rains ended just before noon, but not without filling the sand with a ton of water. That water and wet sand didn't deter concert growers, though, as once again tens of thousands of people kept flowing in throughout the day and into the evening.

The great music continued all day with highlights including the great Tracey Lawrence, JImmie Allen (pinch hitting for Billy Currington, Chris Land and Dan +Shay. Oh, the fireworks the second night? Unbelievably spectacular!

Honestly, though, my favorite part has been meeting all our Cat Country listeners! It has been a blast! Thank for you reaching out to us, and for being so kind!

As one concert goer keeps saying, "Let's go!"

By the way, if you're reading this and not in Wildwood, it's not too late! Single day tickets are still available, just click here.

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