As I look back at the year 2021 (even though we're still in it and only about 1/3 of the way through it) I am realizing I may have made a mistake or two.

At the top of my mistake list: I think I may have made life a living hell for a nice local woman who just wanted to spread some good old fashioned joy to the world.

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If you think I'm talking about that topless woman that was waving at cars the other night on the White Horse Pike the other night, you are not correct.

The person I'm talking about is.... The Duck Car Lady.

She's the lady who drives around with ducks all over her car. (By the way, Duck Car Lady - what kind of glue do you use?)

Up until a few months ago, the Duck Car Lady was mildly locally famous. Then, I wrote an article about her that went viral. Because of that, she's now very locally famous!

(I should note that a couple weeks after I wrote about the Duck Car Lady, the local newspaper wrote about the Duck Car Lady. Copycats....)

Anyway, since I wrote the Duck Car Lady article, I see comments on her whereabouts EVERY TIME I LOG ONTO FACEBOOK! It's not like she's being stalked, it's just like her moves are being followed very closely!

"I just saw the duck car at the bank."

"I saw the duck car at the liquor store."

"I saw the duck car at the pizza place."

"I saw the duck car at the traffic light!"

"I'm following the duck car right now!"

"I saw the duck car at Starbucks!"

So, Duck Car Lady, I feel I owe you an apology. Since your car passed my keyboard, you probably can't have any privacy. Any possible plans to rob a bank in your sporty little Duck Car are probably long forgotten.

Duck Car Lady, I'm sorry.

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