I wrote an article this morning that was seen by some as an attack on a small business. I was wrong in calling attention to this business, and I shouldn't have.

For months, I've preached supporting small, local businesses, but today, I failed that. I didn't mean to, but I brought shade on a small business, and I shouldn't have.

The business is Atilis Gym in Egg Harbor Township.

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I saw a sign on the front of their business, I made assumptions, and I shouldn't have.

I tried to be impartial by asking if the gym should be open. It was unnecessary. Unnecessary to bring attention to the business.

Atilis Gym is a great local establishment, just trying to get by.  They've got a great local membership, and after talking with Chris Lambert, it certainly sounds like they are doing things the right way.

Lambert reached out to me, and I offered to interview him, and give his point of view. He agreed and his interview is as follows:

Let's hope EVERYTHING gets back to normal soon. Is 2020 done yet?

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