My fingers are crossed. So are my toes. If all things go as hoped this weekend, basketball legend Charles Barkley might be helping me pay off my mortgage!

"The Round Mound of Rebound" is actually playing golf this weekend in the American Century Championship - a celebrity golf tournament - in Nevada.

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Dozens of celebrities are completing in the weekend tournament including Tony Romo, Ray Romano, Steph Curry, Aaron Rogers and Joe Don Rooney of the country group Rascal Flatts.

Now, Charles Barkley is, honesty, not expected to win. The odds are actually better that he loses.

But, as in all sports, you never know, right?

In case you didn't know, Charles Barkley's golf game is legendary. Legendarily bad. Check this out:

Word has it that Charles Barkley has been working on his golf game. (Aren't we all?)

Supposedly, he's made some progress.


Well, I'm counting on it, and I've put my money where my mouth is.

I've purchased a bet through Propswap, betting on Charles Barkley to win this weekend's tournament!

(Full disclosure: Propswap does advertise on my radio show. I did make the ticket purchase through the "regular channels. Gambling Problem, call 1-800-Gambler.")

So, what happens if Barkley actually does win?

Well, I bought the ticket for $20. The odds are 3729.50 to 1. So, if Barkley wins the tournament, I collect a cool  $75,010 profit.

Come on Charles Barkley!

Of course I also have the option, through Propswap of reselling my ticket - which would work, especially if Barkley gets off to a good start. Judging from the above video though, "the start" is just the beginning of his problems.....

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