Everyone knows that some of the best aspects of South Jersey's shore towns are the amazing food options and restaurants at our disposal. Get excited for even more good eatin' in Wildwood this summer.

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Wildwood Video Archive revealed that the former Kitchen 330 of Stone Harbor is shifting gears (and beaches). According to WVH, the owners of Kitchen 330 decided it was time for them to expand. How did they know it was time to make a move? Apparently, a drive through North Wildwood is what led them to that realization.

Their new restaurant will make itself at home where the Amish Market once stood on New Jersey Avenue in North Wildwood. WVA says the owner had a couple things to do in order to turn the once-beloved outdoor market into a restaurant, but they were able to get it done.

Now, if you were familiar with the late Kitchen 330, then you've tasted the work of Chef Gus Zimmerman. He will, in fact, be the chef at the new place they've decidedly named Trio - a pretty appropriate name considering the two owners and chef all remain a solid team.

You're palate won't be teased for too much longer since the owners are hoping to be up and running by the start of the summer season. At the latest, they're looking at the first week or two in June for the official launch.

Read more about what made the owners make the move to North Wildwood HERE.

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