I get up and head for work early. Very early.

3 - 4 am early.

There's not a lot of excitement happening at that time of the morning - especially in the cold weather.

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I'll see small packs of deer roaming residential neighborhoods, something you usually don't see in the daylight. I'll come across an occasional very aggressive (and scary) driver.

When the weather breaks, like this week, all heck breaks loose!

Photo by nousnou iwasaki on Unsplash
Photo by nousnou iwasaki on Unsplash

Once morning temperatures are in the 60-degree range, people come outside that aren't usually don't come outside at 3 am.

I'll see very scantly clad people walking their dogs. If it stays above 70 degrees, I'll see just scantly clad people - just walking. Walking around their neighborhood.

At Wawa, South Jersey's get-together destination, I see many weird things.

Mind you, I love Wawa, but it seems to be a magnet for the weird, especially on a warm morning at 3 am.

The latest thing I witnessed happened early this morning. A man drove up to one of the trash cans on the side of the building (they used to be in the front of the building). He pulled up as close as possible and proceeded to almost fill the trash cans with a ton of items, most likely his household trash (or, a dead body).

Why, sir, have you chosen 3 am to do this? Why don't you have garbage collection at your house? What are you throwing away? I was so curious, I briefly considered opening the trash can and going through the trash looking for evidence. (CSI EHT!)

So, what are you seeing in the early morning hours?

I wrote the below a while back, but it still applies today. Enjoy!

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