Over the last few weeks, many municipalities have announced their city, town, or township's guidance on trick or treating.

Some municipalities have said there can be no trick or treating, while others are allowing it.

I've noticed that a number of people have commented on social media, saying those municipalities shouldn't be involved in the decision making process. For example, someone named Matt Walker posted the following response on a post on Facebook by the Margate Police Department about Trick or Treating in Margate:

The State of New Jersey, nor any municipal government, have the authority to make any decisions regarding what people may do regarding giving out candy nor if children can or cannot go trick or treating. We the people need to stop pretending any of you have any of these liberties you have taken.

It's because of Walker's comment and other people's comments that I write the following open letter:



Dear Citizens of South Jersey,

So, your municipality wants to dictate what time trick or treat is in your community? I have two words: Let Them!

Isn't it about time some decisions are made LOCALLY instead of statewide or nationwide? Look at all the Covid rules we've had to deal with this year. In New Jersey, our governor decides what's open and what's closed. He decides at what level restaurants can operate. (Still 25%, Murphy? Are you kidding me?) Wouldn't it be better if those kinds of decisions were made LOCALLY? Atlantic and Cape May Counties had to roll through the summer season obeying STATEWIDE rules - regardless of the fact that COVID didn't effect our part of the state like counties up north. Make those decisions locally and the summer season could have saved a lot of local businesses that suffered or went belly-up.

Another point - when the town sets the Trick or Treat schedule, there's a better chance that they will have ample police coverage during those times.  If you've ever lived in a trick-or-treat-saturated-neighborhood, you know how welcome a big police presence is on that big night.

Personally, I don't feel like my rights or liberties are being challenged by someone LOCAL making a decision that impacts me and my neighborhood. Shouldn't that be what we all want - instead of Trenton, instead of Washington?

Thank you mayors, and city councils! Thank you police chiefs and police departments! We LIKE you making decisions instead of getting everything stuffed down our throat....


Joe Kelly

South Jersey resident.

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