A few days after police officers took control of three loose dogs that had bitten several people, Little Egg Harbor's Police Chief is urging anyone bitten by the dogs to seek medical treatment.

Chief Richard Buzby made the plea in a letter to residents shared on Facebook:

It was Monday that officers responded to a report of a do bite in the area of Lake Winnipesaukee Drive. According to Little Egg Harbor Township Police, a 69-year-old woman and 40-year-old man had been bitten by dogs that had been terrorizing the area.

According to police, at least a dozen people have been bitten by the dogs in the last found months. Police say the dogs were taken from their owners by animal control back in December, but somehow the dogs were eventually returned home.

This week, officers again rounded up the dogs and turned them over to animal control.

This video shows the dogs on the attack:

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